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Trevi Lim

Business Owner, Management Consulting

Hi, I'm Trevi Lim. I'm a Business Consultant, Business Strategist and Pharmacy Specialist.

Trevi Lim's Bio:

Are you a Business Owner, CEO or a Managing Director who's responsible for generating sales revenue and business growth?

Did you know that new estimates have shown that one in three businesses fail in their first year of operation, two out of four in the second year, and three out of four by the fifth year? This statistics does not improve from the fact that there are more competitors now than ever with the rising of developing countries competing in the same market via the internet.

Are you losing margins to your online competitors or are you tired pouring money into marketing strategies that do not work? Whether you are a single person operator or a multi-national corporation, I can assist you.

My name is Trevi Lim and as the founder of Business Rescue International, I have helped many business owners or managers like you to significantly increase sales revenue and profits by improving their sales and marketing strategies as well as performing business management turnarounds in struggling businesses.

I love teaching and consulting because of the awesome business growth and opportunities it brings to me and my clients and I am passionate about helping business owners to become successful as it will provide jobs for the future generation.

To learn more about how you can grow your business to the next level, please visit for more information

Trevi Lim's Experience:

  • Founder at Gratitude Foundation

    Gratitude Foundation (Gratitude in Giving) is committed to helping orphans in the third world country to become entrepreneurs so they can generate income for the orphanages to make it self sustainable. To learn more, visit

  • Founder at Business Rescue

    If you are a Business Owner, Director, Sales Manager or Marketing Director then you have the opportunity to learn how to grow your business to the next level. Business Rescue is your secret weapon for business growth. Our Mission at Business Rescue is to assist as many business owners to turnaround or grow their business so we can all work together to jump start this economy. People have been depending on the government for too long and it's clearly not working. For an economy to thrive, it depends on every single one of us to contribute towards it. At Business Rescue we have 3 different models in assisting businesses, all created for businesses with varying budgets. We call it the 3 C's. They are the: Consulting (Done For You) Coaching (Done With You) Courses (Do It Yourself) Are you a business owner? Here's how Business Rescue most affordable DIY model will be an asset to you: Business Rescue is a community of business owners and entrepreneurs who has a passion in businesses. Often the members have undergone business turnarounds in their field of expertise and are willing to contribute back to community their experiences and learnings. In addition, there are numerous courses in various forms like articles, videos, audios and resources to accommodate different type of learners. Some of the areas we focus on are: Leadership Personal Development Financials Human Resources Productivity Business Strategies and much much more We specialise in business turnarounds, assisting business startup entrepreneurs grow their business and improve their marketing expertise, growing businesses to the next level. Visit our website at for more information.

  • Director at Universal Charitable Fund

    Are you the director of a small charitable organisation? Do you help people who are in need but require assistance in terms of funding? The Universal Charitable Fund was founded by local business people in South Australia as a simple and cost effective way to provide practical support and encouragement to local charities doing a terrific job in helping people in need both in SA and overseas. Contact us at to learn more on how to apply for grants for your charity.

  • Business Partner at Star Pharmacy Group

    Star Pharmacy Group is a growing business focused on pharmacy care and advice, health management, customer service, staff training and development, and commercial performance. The Group has currently owns Pharmacies in South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Star Pharmacy Group serves the community by providing a convenient outlet for health information and solutions thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. Our vision is to be Australia's foremost pharmacy group providing personal growth and business opportunities to young pharmacists, investment returns to investors and shareholders and contribution to society. Our top values are Integrity, inspired inner purpose, personal learning, entrepreneurial growth, committed to consistency.

Trevi Lim's Education:

  • University of South Australia

    Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.)

Trevi Lim's Interests & Activities:

Business consulting, Business strategist, Business acquisition, Spending time with family, Personal Development

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